“Cosplay Tanabata 7: The Harajuku Parade” set on August 17–18

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Baguio City’s Long-Awaited Cosplay ComebackMajor Cosplay Event happening at Newtown Plaza Event Center

Last January, I went to Baguio City for the first time to witness how cosplay events work there, through Kospurei Bunkasai.

To be quite honest, I failed to get a good grasp of what the community is like, and I was so sleepy you can see me dozing off on some occasions. I promised myself that by the next time I stepped in Baguio, I shall have a good hold of it.

This August, I have one more chance. Organizer Curteanah Cosplay Events will be holding its Cosplay Tanabata once again.

This year’s theme is “The Harajuku Parade,” something that I think Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will notice, judging from their key visuals. Cosplay Tanabata 7 aims to show what Harajuku fashion is like with the help of the Philippine Gothic Lolita Community (PGLC) as they hold the city’s first Harajuku Fashion Show.

Cultural contests such as the BGO48 dance competition (yep, MNL48 also shookt Baguio as well), Utanabata Singing Contest, Eating Contests, and Orihime and Hikoboshi Contest will cover the first day.

The second day of the said event will be dedicated to the Cosplay Competition which will be host to a lot of cosplayers coming from Baguio City and nearby areas.

At the sidelines of this event are a combination of 60 merchants, artists, and food hubs which will serve the needs of the event not just as a meetup of friends but also a gathering of resources that hobbyists of different natures need.

A Mini JPop Dance Party will conclude the said event to thank all visitors for supporting Cosplay Tanabata over the past 7 years.

  • Event Co-Presented by Jellyfish Education Consultancy Inc. and AkiYumi.
  • In Partnership with The Philippine Gothic Lolita Community (PGLC) and Japanese Association of Northern Luzon, Inc. (JANL)
  • keepsakes. is an official media partner for this event along with arkadymac.com and RHDZ.

What do I look forward to this event?

I don’t have a list of things to look forward to yet, but I wish to see the rest of Baguio — the last time I was there, we were treated to a lunch at Cafe by the Ruins, and I capped off the day at SM City Baguio. I got suggestions from friends before (I needed to be reminded of these suggestions again, ?), so maybe we shall start from there.

That is aside from the fact that I want to explore more of Baguio’s cosplay community. That said, see you there!