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They could’ve made a Chris Yukine spinoff, but they didn’t.

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I’ve been an advocate of the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series way back with it aired its first season, due to the fact that it’s another anime series that Aoi Yuuki is leading, with Nana Mizuki as part of the cast. Soon enough, I met the likes of @zoid9000 and I I’m on the occassional list of Twitter users that frequently tweets with the #Symphogear hashtag.

I’ve liked how the story has progressed in the first season, and while i’m cheering for Hibiki Tachibana, I was also cheering for a girl named Chris Yukine; and without knowing it, Chris won my heart. I also liked the voice cast — especially Miyuki Sawashiro‘s portrayal of Ryoko Sakurai / Finé.

Words cannot express what I feel during those times, waiting for 10:30PM local time on some internet stream and watching it until the clock goes eleven.

Those were the good times. But now, things have changed — the second season of the series, Symphogear G, is really confusing to the point that I’m thinking of myself shouting at the screen over what the hell was going on.

We might as well mind the casting — with this diagram that I have presented you, one will notice that the cast knows each other well. To be honest, I’m having this running theory that Mizuki invited her fellows like Yui Horie, Yoko Hikasa and Tomokazu Sugita to the series then coordinate with the series’ masterminds.

Concerns on casting has also been raised on the Symphoblog, stating that having a large cast for these kinds of series can have complications — to add, they stated there that there is a reason why Puella Magi Madoka Magica went well despite having a short cast.

Don’t get me started on Dr. Ver as well — It’s like the production committee wants to kill my image of the Sugitabro I has with some horrible mad scientist.

With all these said, I am disappointed with how the series went — I wish they just did a backstory on Hibiki or Chris (Tsubasa doesn’t need one though), as they are really not improving the story, they’re just focused on the audience impact it will bring.

I was about to say “Screw this, I’m getting out of here,” but then I’m interested over what will happen next.