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It’s been three days since I’ve watched μ’s Final Love Live at SM Megamall with my bros, and what I did are the following:

  • Sang along with the songs that I know,
  • Cheered for μ’s as wild as I can with the lightstick (I’ll refer to it as a “light blade”) that is lent to me occasionally,
  • Had my soul cry out as they cry as well (especially during the final moments of the double encore), and
  • Set up an event page “Iyakan sa Megamall” prior to the event (either way, we all had manly tears) based on the popular NSFW event meme.

It’s really a great feeling that I was able to witness the last moments of the group, which is said to have blurred the line between reality and fantasy (hence, 2.5D), and I am still at a loss of words on how to explain it. Also, Aya Uchida (as Kotori) sure did a great job making that 2.5D happen.

Here are some of the songs that I know, and most of them are from the anime series’ second season and the movie:

  • Snow Halation (when I first heard SnowHala, I had a hint of my soul crying out because the song is just that good)
  • Angelic Angel (I like the rhythm of this song)
  • Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari (which is THE final final song for the concert)
  • Hello,星を数えて (I also kihe the rhythm of this song)
  • SUNNY DAY SONG (because SUNNY DAY POWER, bros)

That’s the song titles that I really know, and I still haven’t researched about most of their popular songs. Regardless, what I do appreciate about the LoveLive! school idol project is that they put meaning into some of the songs (especially Bokutachi …).

After the whole screening (which is done via satellite WITH NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS /shot), I met with my friends, checked the scenario and such. I appreciate the fact that there are some who have watched the Final Live in cosplay, like the Kotori and Nico cosplayer that we saw in the broadcast and the ones who are in the theater with us.

It’s been three days, my dudes. Three days since μ’s had their final concert. We all know that it’s time to pass the torch to Aquors with positivity, but let’s not forget what five or so years with μ’s had done with us fans — from music enthusiasts, to even businesses catering to us.

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